A Unique Diamond Shape Camera Panel In The Usual Smartphone

The Vivo S1 Pro is available at the cheapest of prices in China. In fact, it is one of the most popular Smartphones in China with a large number of pre-installed apps. Many of the apps are not free and you need to pay for them. You can download apps from the Android Market or App store. There is no other app store in China unlike app store of iPhone and Android mobiles.

Connectivity options on the Vivo S1 Pro include Wi-Fi & Micro-USB. Other sensors on this phone include touch screen, image sensor, gyroscope, barometer, thermometer, proximity sensor and many more. Vivo S1 Pro is a single SIM only smartphone. It has a unique design with a dual camera module and a secondary laser autofocus sensor. It is powered by a quad-core processor that is backed up by a 1GB RAM. It has an intuitive interface that makes browsing through files and apps easy and enjoyable.

For those who want to take photos and videos, the vivo s1 pro has two cameras namely, a front facing camera and a rear imaging sensor that enables it to do so. The phone comes with a wide variety of photographic applications that you can use to enhance your vivo s1 pro  photos and videos. The software for this smartphone runs on Windows operating system and is designed to optimize the performance of the device. It also offers fast charging technology that allows you to enjoy high speed data transfer and multimedia features such as picture and music editing facilities that are superior to other smartphones.

The built-in camera of the vivo s1 pro is the same as of the main camera of the smartphone and it takes excellent images and videos. The main camera has an eight mp wide angle lens and has an optical zoom as well. It has a sensor driven image processing system that enables it to detect and take a good picture in an automatic manner. The auto focus is ideal for facial recognition while the auto flash helps to capture a precise picture.

The built in lens of the vivo s1 pro is called Super AMoled and it helps to capture clear images even in low light situations. The Super AMOLED lens has an f/2.0 aperture that offers high levels of clarity. The camera also offers image stabilization that ensures that the movement is smooth when you pan the camera. This enables the user to capture moving scenes without losing the details in the shots. This also helps you to have an effective video or photo session even in the dim or dark.

The built in lens cell of this smartphone is also diamond shaped which helps to provide high levels of optical performance. It helps to capture photos and videos in natural lighting with high resolution and high quality images. This unique diamond shaped camera panel of the vivo s1 pro helps to have clear and vibrant images from all lighting situations. The built in image processing system enables it to detect and take a picture in just the right light conditions, without affecting the quality of the images. This unique diamond shaped camera panel of the vivo s1 pro is an excellent smartphone that you can use for professional as well as personal purposes.